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Welcome to the domain of METAL WARRIORS!
This movement is undoubtedly the undisputed home of all things Heavy Metal in Australia. Music videos, concert and rockumentary film productions, concert and event organization and promotion, artist representation, reviews and interviews and contribution to the Heavy Metal community.

Today we are officially re-launching the official website for the organization that established the movement that preserved Heavy Metal in Australia back in the days where the music industry was attempting to wipe Heavy Metal off the map.

With a special ‘Video Magazine’ and various community actions, METAL WARRIORS became renowned for taking Australian Metal to the rest of the World and bringing Metal of the world to Australia.

METAL WARRIORS never bowed to pressure from the music industry back in the 90’s upon the foundation of Metal Warriors in 1995 and still lives on in 2014.

We now bring to you the new generation of METAL WARRIORS, a new wave of young bloods that looked up to the effortless work of the team at METAL WARRIORS who contributed a great part to making Heavy Metal what it is today.

Together with the original founders of METAL WARRIORS, we will continue with the movement!

In 2015, we will be celebrating 20 years of Metal Warriors so let’s all prepare for a huge celebration!

Rock on and stay Metal!
Metal Warriors Team

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