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Australia’s Heavy Metal Movement Metal Warriors initiated the resurrection of the Heavy Metal scene in Australia.

Founding at a time many deemed Metal to be dead, Metal Warriors was given birth to lead the front in bringing Metal back to the masses from music videos, label, Band Promotion, Tour/Concert promotions to public relations.

Whilst many of the critics are long gone, like Heavy Metal… Metal Warriors lives!

Video Transcript:
“After being frustrated by the trends of the Music Industry and its big proclamation that Heavy Metal was dead, Steve Ravic founded the Metal Warriors movement in 1995. Metal Warriors produced dozens of free music clips for Australian Metal bands and united the Heavy Metal scene in a crusade to attest to the Industry that ‘Heavy Metal was not a fashion or a trend’ and that ‘HEAVY METAL WILL NEVER DIE!’.

The movement generated interest from the press and media but was shunned by the Industry.Due to lack of broadcast for Metal in the 90’s, Metal Warriors created the Metal Warriors Video Magazine. Metal Warriors became a movement championing both the Heavy Metal lifestyle and music in every way expanding to Concert productions, touring, band management, founding a label and attaining distribution through Modern Invasion Music.

By the end of the 90’s, Metal Warriors gained International recognition with the Video Magazine documenting the Wacken Festival in Germany. It was the first time that an Australian produced music feature was released on DVD format around the world. Out on Nuclear Blast and Warner. Metal Warriors fast became renowned for producing music clips and DVD’s for prominent International bands like the legendary ‘Gamma Ray’ (Germany) and the mighty ‘Rhapsody’ (Italy).

International touring for Australian bands was next on the agenda for Metal Warriors on a scale never seen before. ‘Vanishing Point’ performed 32 shows across Europe including an entire tour with ‘Gamma Ray’ and Sonata Arctica (Finland) in 2001. There was an outcry by Metal fans in Australia for a lack of International tours. At the time, It was considered by promoters to be a major risk for these types of bands to be touring so nobody was inclined to take a chance. In 2002, Steve Ravic took the initiative and became the first to take the risk in bringing a European Power Metal band to Australia. Despite the critics calling them crazy, the Metal Warriors team made the OZ tour with ‘Edguy’ (Gernamy) a very successful reality.

Following up with a tour by Thrash legends ‘Destruction’ (Germany) and Metal Queen ‘Doro’ (Germany/USA), Metal Warriors spawned a new wave of International bands touring OZ. Metal Warriors would then embark on a World Tour with Australia’s most popular Metal band ‘Dungeon’ taking them to Japan to be the first band from OZ to tour Japan and have it all captured on film. The Rockumentary ‘Dungeon – Under The Rising Sun’ was released on DVD worldwide.

Dungeon touring the world would continue with ‘Megadeth’ (USA)and the once unheard of Metal scene in Australia had become respected. metal clips were being broadcast on National television, bands were touring and all of the goals set by Metal Warriors had become a reality! Steve Ravic would put his key focus back into film and directing the 20th Anniversary show of ‘Doro Pesch’ for Gernam television & DVD and working with Metal Kings ‘Manowar’ (USA). It would follow up with his first feature film production ‘WARRIOR’, all under the Metal Warriors banner.”

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