The Poodles – Tour De Force – Review

The Poodles
Tour De Force

Poodles-tour de force
The first thing that strikes me about Tour De Force, The Poodles’ latest album, is that it tackles the heavy subject matter of change, whether flittering to and fro from a ballad tackling personal loss, change among society or your own dreams, Tour De Force is an album all about change that becomes infinitely listenable to everyone, having a song for everyone that has the fire in their bellies for some change. Continue reading

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Skull Fist
Head of the Pack

head of the packSome heavy metal bands find their niche in technically sound albums made up of fluid guitar riffs and well timed drum beats, other bands prefer to shred away and feel the essence of metal course through their veins as they bring everything they have into their music; this is what Skull Fist is about with their heavy metal album Head Of The Pack. Continue reading

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Sabaton – Heroes – Review


sabaton - heroes

A number of great things come from Sweden, Sabaton and their new album “Heroes” for example along with IKEA, but considering we all know what IKEA is let’s get back to Sabaton.
When I picked up this album the first thing I noticed was the sticker on the front boldly declaring it the best Sabaton album ever, which gave me some pretty high expectations. This is the first album that was recorded with the new lineup and I am pleased to say it holds up perfectly. Continue reading


Nuclear Strikes – Megastorm Eyes (EP) – Review

Nuclear Strikes
Megastorm Eyes

megastorm eye

If anyone were to ask me my stance on censorship I’d sit them down, get a piece of paper and a pen write down the offending word on said paper then proceed to rip it up into a million tiny shreds, then bundle them all together again and set fire to the bundle.

But to be honest we get it easy herein the land down under compared to other countries, take Malaysia for example in just metal alone, back in ’06 Mayhem was banned from playing a concert in the country as part of a world tour due to the slogan “Bringing hell to your doorstep” which apparently endorsed   “satanic worship and drug use”. Continue reading

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Malakyte – Human Resonance – Review

Human Resonance


It just so happens that I was at the office door when the postman arrived with a package from the band Malakyte from Brisbane, Australia. It’s a band that I have been hearing a lot about so my expectations were high right from the very start and I could not help myself but decide to open the package and review this one myself.

Continue reading

Malakyte Live Review (Bendigo Hotel) Nov 9

Having been born in 1994 I wouldn’t have had the chance to go to shows held by all the classic thrash bands like Metallica and Megadeth in their prime, at a pub or small venue where the band and the fans were so close you could almost taste each others sweat, sure I could go to a Megadeth show now, but they play in stadiums, there’s some sort of itch that can’t scratch.

malakyte logo 18/04/2014 Continue reading


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